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Lamy Studio Glacier ballpoint
€ 45,00
Lamy Studio Aquamarine ballpoint | List price € 45,- Sale price
€ 35,00
Lamy Studio Lx all black ballpoint
€ 69,00
Lamy Studio pianoblack ballpoint
€ 60,00
Lamy Studio ballpoint Palladium finish
€ 60,00
Lamy Studio ballpoint Matt black
€ 45,00
Lamy Studio ballpoint Mat dark blue
€ 45,00
Lamy Studio ballpoint matt brushed stainless steel
€ 42,00
1 - 8

About Lamy

After years of working for Parker C. Josef Lamy decided to start producing his own writing instruments. In 1930 in Heidelberg, The LAMY brand has existed since 1948. LAMY is the writing instruments brand with the most international design awards. From 1966, the pens that come from Heidelberg are innovative and modern designed. The best example is undoubtedly the LAMY 2000, introduced in that year. The strength of a design is mainly measured by the length of time a design maintains. The LAMY 2000 concept is a striking example, the pen looks today, after all, still modern. LAMY is the market leader in Germany.

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